Wedding Edition Team 

“A butterfly flaps its wings…

One door closes, another opens…

While working at the Arnold Sports Festival,  I didn’t know I would leave the convention center early.  I didn’t plan on walking through the cheerleading venue.  There was no way I could anticipate seeing the display of “Monopoly: Cheerleading Edition”.

But I did.  You could not have possibly predicted the chances of three different people being at this one location at this specific time in history.  The Owner of US Spirit, Brian Hallam introduced me to Sid Hill of ADPRO.org, the creator of that unique version of the iconic board game.  After a lot of questions and fascinating back story a whole new world opened up to me.

A few days later I contacted Sid with the idea of a wedding version of Monopoly. 

The dynasty was born.”

-Clint Hufft

Reverend Clint Hufft
Reverend Clint is a well–known and respected personality in the Wedding Industry. His career includes being an Entertainment Coordinator and Video Director for Restaurant Enterprise Inc. He has a Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting and graduated from the Sid and Marty Kroft Puppeteer School. He has appeared on TV many times and was the officiant for “Trista and Ryan’s Wedding on ABC-TV along with many other high-profile weddings. To Rev. Clint, a wedding ceremony is also a social and “theatrical” event. A Wedding Professional must listen to the dreams and needs of the bride and groom and then help to remove anything that might obstruct the realization of their Perfect Wedding Day. Rev. Clint believes he has the best job in the world.


Sid Hill 
President of ADPRO.org 
Sid was originally a co-founder of ADPRO.org in 1995 and has held the position of President of ADPRO from 1997 to present.  Sid still is actively involved in Brand Development and serves as a Promotional Professional to many companies in both the Academic and Spirit Markets.  Sid has held positions in the past sitting on local Rotary Boards as well as National Associations such as SITA and ASIP. ADPRO has maintained a relationship as a Contractor with HASBRO and USAopoly from 2008 to present


Brian Hallam
Founder US Spirit; PH Productions
Brian has been an entrepreneur, business owner and event producer since 1983. As a business owner and former Investment Advisor, I help entrepreneurs build financial security and new businesses. With over 30 years of experience building multiple brands within the spirit industry, we developed relationships with some of the most recognizable names in the world including Disney World, Universal Orlando and The Arnold Sports Festival where I also serve as an Event Committee Chairman for the Sports Festival which has become largest multi-sports festival in the world and is now on 6 continents. Our current project with the Wedding Edition of MONOPOLY has led to the formation of a new company with emphasis on introducing additional versions of Monopoly as well as other games!


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